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How to Hit a Golf Chip Shot for Beginners

How to Hit a Golf Chip Shot

How to Hit a Golf Chip Shot for Beginners

How to Hit a Golf Chip Shot for Beginners

Perfecting the Basics: A Beginner's Guide to Mastering Chip Shots in Golf

Welcome to Golf For Beginners Academy, where we simplify the art of golf for novice players. Today, we’re unveiling a beginner-friendly guide on executing chop shots with precision. These fundamental tips will enhance your control and bring you one step closer to achieving those dreamy shots around the green.

Unlocking Success: Beginner-Friendly Tips for Chip Shots

Perfecting your chip shot is crucial for close-to-the-hole success. Let’s dive into these beginner-friendly tips to make your contact with the ball better than ever.

  1. Build the Right Foundation: Start with a setup tailored to your shot. Place the ball under your sternum, hands just inside the left thigh, and weight distributed 55% on the left foot and 45% on the right. This ensures proper shaft lean for smooth club motion.

  2. Which Way Are You Swinging? Swing the club along the established plane. Coordinate wrist movements and body rotation to match the swing plane for a seamless backswing.

  3. An Open Face is a Happy Face: Allow the clubface to open during the backswing. An open clubface promotes a gliding motion over the ground, ensuring a smoother impact and release.

  4. Let It Go, Let It Go!: In the downswing, permit your hands and wrists to move freely. Avoid forcing the club; let it follow its natural flow for a more controlled impact.

  5. Your Release Needs Backup: Support the wrist release with a rotation of the upper body. A coordinated motion of the upper and lower body in the follow-through ensures a balanced and controlled release.

  6. Up Up Up: Move certain parts of your body upward during the motion, especially the grip of the club. Ensure your head, body, and shoulders extend slightly, allowing the clubhead to move downward while the grip moves upward.

  7. You’ve Got to Go Forward!: In the finish position, shift about 90% of your weight onto the front foot. This improves control over the club’s contact point and ensures a stable finish.

  8. How Far Are You Going?: Maintain consistent swing lengths in both backswing and follow-through. An equal-length backswing and follow-through enhance low point control and distance accuracy.

  9. Please Don’t Kill the Bird!: Grip the club with the right pressure. Experiment with different grip pressures (1 to 10 scale) to find the one that allows a natural release and consistent impact conditions.

Yes - Lets go!

Congratulations! You’ve just unlocked the secrets to mastering chip shots in golf. Practice these beginner-friendly tips consistently, and you’ll soon find yourself confidently navigating the short game. Happy chipping!

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